About Us

Tele Rickshaw is an Auto Rickshaw Aggregator (ARA). Incepted in 2013 in Indore, with the core mission to revolutionize the way people move by seamlessly connecting Commuters and Rickshaws through Innovative Tech Platforms, we make commuting more efficient and accessible, opening up more possibilities for commuters and more business for rickshaws.

A revolutionary way to travel in the city. We are a dedicated organisation started by the Visionum Group in collaboration with AICTSL (city transport authority) which provides a unique Call for Auto Service in Central India 9-098-098-098.

We are on a mission to make your life easier and to provide a safe, convenient, systematic, reliable and economic means to travel in the city! Gone are the days when you had to walk a long distance to locate an Auto Rickshaw, face unfair fares, get involved in undesired bargainings, had to endure misbehaviour and cheating, and feel humiliated and uncomfortable of travelling in Auto Rickshaw.

We have pledged to make the travelling in the city safer and pleasant for everyone, especially for women and kids! We are also determined to create employment opportunities and give financial and social stabilities to the auto drivers. We are aiming at becoming your most trusted travel companion!

Just give Call us and enjoy a hassle free journey without paying any additional fare! With You, For You, Anytime, Anywhere!

Team Tele Rickshaw 9-098-098-098